Building Web3 Decentralized Apps in Ethereum | LinkedIn

Building Web3 Decentralized Apps in Ethereum | LinkedIn
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Blockchain technology has exploded in recent years, and the types of things you can now do with decentralized applications—or DApps—have only gotten more advanced, while development is easier than ever thanks to platforms like Ethereum. In this course, Drew Falkman teaches developers who are broadly familiar with programming concepts how to work in the Ethereum blockchain environment. Drew introduces elements of the key programming concepts surrounding cryptocurrency development, including: what the blockchain is, programmatically speaking; what smart contracts are and how they work; how to use web3.js to interact with the Ethereum network and blockchain; how to use Truffle to run tests; and more. Drew incorporates the lessons into a practical project of building an NFT-minting DApp, so you can immediately see the concepts in action.




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