Building Cyber Threat Intelligence Capabilities | Udemy

Building Cyber Threat Intelligence Capabilities | Udemy
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Promoting Cyber Security and protecting organizations from cyber threats and attacks one at a time

What you’ll learn
Know and understand the basic concepts behind building a Cyber Threat Intelligence Team and its operations.
Discuss the key concepts behind Cyber-Threat Intelligence, including its benefits and capabilities and how these can be used to complement an organization.
Understand how Cyber Threat Intelligence can complement and interact with other business units.
Scope the implementation of Cyber Threat Intelligence activities based on organizational priorities, requirements and existing resources and capabilities.
Proactively identify emerging cyber threats and provide mitigation controls and recommendations.
Provide operational support to security investigations, Incident Response, and vulnerability management teams.
Produce operational metrics to gauge the effectiveness of the Threat Intelligence Program aids your organization in reducing risk.
Create Intelligence Requirements (IRs) and supporting processes and procedures to support the day-to-day operations of your Cyber-Threat Intelligence program.
Understand key tools and technologies that can be used to automate and otherwise support the operations of the Cyber Threat Intelligence program.
Produce actionable intelligence products that can be easily consumable by various teams, stakeholders and tools.
Identify and implement appropriate Courses-of-Action based on identified threats that have been identified and also have the potential to impact an organization

The course aims to provide organizations, regardless of their size, with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a customized Cyber-Threat Intelligence program that aligns with their unique needs, requirements, and budget. By following this course, participants will learn how to effectively plan, build, and operationalize such a program within their organization.

The course begins by emphasizing the importance of identifying critical assets, both in terms of technology and business processes. This step is crucial because it helps organizations understand which areas of their operations are most vulnerable to cyber threats. By recognizing these crown-jewels, which refer to the most valuable and sensitive assets, organizations can prioritize their efforts in protecting them.

Once the critical assets are identified, the course proceeds to teach participants how to detect cyber threats that specifically target those assets. This involves learning about various threat intelligence sources, such as open-source intelligence, dark web monitoring, and information sharing platforms. Participants will understand how to gather, analyze, and interpret threat data in order to identify potential risks and attacks.

Moreover, the course emphasizes the importance of implementing appropriate controls and detection capabilities to proactively respond to cyber threats. Participants will gain insights into different security measures and technologies that can be utilized to safeguard the organization’s crown-jewels. This may include intrusion detection systems, security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, endpoint protection, and other relevant tools.

Importantly, the course highlights that developing a Cyber Threat Intelligence program does not have to be expensive or overly complex. Rather, the focus is on designing a program that aligns with the organization’s intelligence objectives. This means tailoring the program to fit the specific needs, resources, and goals of the organization. By doing so, organizations can create an effective and efficient Cyber Threat Intelligence program that enhances their security posture without unnecessary financial burden or complexity.

Overall, the course provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of the key elements involved in establishing a tailored Cyber Threat Intelligence program. By leveraging this knowledge, organizations can better anticipate and respond to cyber threats, safeguard their critical assets, and ultimately enhance their overall security posture.

Who this course is for:
This course is designed to enable organizations of any size to plan, build and operationalize a tailored Cyber-Threat Intelligence program based on their specific needs, requirements, and budget. Through identifying critical assets, technology and business processes, students will be able to detect cyber threats targeting your organizations crown-jewels and implement controls and detection capabilities to be able to proactively respond to these threats. Cyber Threat Intelligence programs do not need to be expensive or complex as long as they are designed to fit organizational intelligence objectives.

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