Blender Bros – Scifi Crate Design in Blender [Remastered]

Blender Bros – Scifi Crate Design in Blender [Remastered]
English | Tutorial | Size: 20.9GB

SciFi Crate Design in Blender – REMASTERED now has two additional modeling/rendering tutorials for two SciFi environments for both of the crates. All original content is still available for download, and should be completed first before modeling the environments. Remastered content is titled ‘REMASTERED’.

You will get:

– 5h+ of additional content

– 2 environment design tutorials (vanilla + bonus decal videos)

– new renders

– bonus decal workflow


This course will focus on the hard-surface modeling workflow in Blender. This is a very important and fundamental tool that every artist should add to their 3D skill set. If you struggle with 3D modeling, the boolean workflow, or just don’t know where to start, hard-surface modeling is a perfect topic to focus on for all skill levels.

What will the course cover?

You will learn proper modeling techniques and master 3D modeling and hard surface workflow in this comprehensive and fun course. As a general topic, the course will cover hard-surface modeling with a fun and practical focus on SciFi design. You’ll also learn about the non-destructive workflow, another big strategy in 3D modeling. Here’s a brief list capturing the main elements of the course:

– Practical 3D modeling techniques and workflows

– Non-Destructive Modeling

– Realistic and natural lighting

– Correct and appealing composition

– Rendering

– Materials

– Cycles Rendering Engine

– SciFi design


We’ll start by blocking out the basic shape in Blender, discussing some of Blender’s fundamental modeling tools and hotkeys. You’ll understand all aspects of 3D modeling and the hard surface workflow, and will be able to work confidently with booleans, bevels, and fix common modeling issues that most people encounter.

Next, we’ll start learning how to use cutters, booleans, and modifiers to start making the model come to life. After getting most of the model created, we’ll bring in the bevels to achieve accurate lighting on the corners and learn how to fix common issues such as artifacts, vertex overshooting, and modifier issues.

Perhaps the best part of this course is understanding how to fix mesh issues that most people encounter, but don’t know how to properly fix. Bevel modifiers can cause all sorts of issues, such as artifacting and shading issues. It’s actually super easy to fix, but most don’t know how or don’t care enough to do so. This course will not skip out on these problems, and you’ll come out of it a better and more confident 3D artist.

At the end of the course, you’ll learn proper lighting and composition, and will achieve a beautiful final render to share with your friends and art portfolio.

How is this course Different?

Undoubtedly, you’ve been working on a model and ran into one of these issues: shading, artifacts, broken bevels, crazy mesh distortions, lag, and things like that. At least one of these problems will be encountered during this course, and you’ll also learn the correct way to fix these issues so that if you ever encounter them again, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Also, hard surface modeling is a very powerful subject in Blender and 3D in general. There are so many different elements, destructive workflows, non-destructive workflows, and probably crazy terminology you’ve never heard of to begin with. After this course, everything will be crystal clear and your understanding of 3D modeling in general will be revolutionized.

So in addition to learning proper modeling techniques and fixes, you’ll also learn how to create a beautiful SciFi crate design in the process. You’ll learn various tricks to achieve that hard surface SciFi look, as well as how to get a perfect lighting setup and render.

Most outlets don’t cover these subjects all-in-one, so having a comprehensive list of videos and a fun learning environment is what makes this course awesome.


Whether you’re a seasoned Blender user or 3D artist, or a beginner trying to get the hang of things within Blender, this course is focused on you. I believe courses that are geared too much towards one skill level tend to not reach their goals as easily. Instead, making it readily accessible to all skill levels, whether by teaching a beginner the fundamentals of modeling or showing more in-depth tricks for the experienced user, is super important. The course will make you a more confident 3D artist and you’ll probably never be bored of 3D after it.

NOTE: We have added 1 video post launch, titled Crate-2-Part 24a- Fine Details Part 13a -Front-Window-Pipes-and-Insets. It is uploaded as separate .rar and it covers a small part of Crate 2 modeling process that was missing from the course. If you got stuck on that part, then simply download the video!

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