Blender 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween Scene | Udemy

Blender 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween Scene | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Using Blender 2.9 and understanding its interface and shortcuts
Effective problem solving in Blender 2.9
Following through a complete guide on creating a 3D stylised scene of Halloween pumpkin carriage
Optimise geometry for a stylized art 3D model
Marking Seams, Sharps, and fixing Normals
Smoothing and preparing meshes for texturing
Adding materials using Blender 2.9’s node system
Mesh deforming and using Booleans
Learning how to make loop cuts in Blender 2.9
Fixing Ngons within Blender 2.9
Complete guide on marking seams & texture resolutions
UV mapping and UV unwrapping your model
Learning how to mark seams on spheres to achieve a good UV unwrap quality
Creating Glass, Leather, and Coal Materials
Creating Collections of Objects and Meshes using a Hierarchy System
Creating a Simple Animation within Blender 2.9
Creating Grass using Particle Systems
Creating Trees using the Ivy Generator
Creating Moths & Bats using silhouette alphas
Creating Atmospheric Light using principled volume
Creating a Mood with Emission Lights
Creating a Spooky Halloween Night Sky through Node Systems
Creating Burning Ember with the Blender 2.9 Node Wrangler
Rendering a Stylized Halloween Scene of a pumpkin carriage all within Blender 2.9 using Cycles & Eevee

Who this course is for:
Beginner 3D modellers eager to learn how to build a 3D stylised art spooky Halloweeen scene with the game ready asset of a stylized Halloween pumpkin carriage
Enthusiasts of Blender 2.9 who want to fast-track their understanding of its new and exciting changes
Mid-Level 3D modellers who want to take their modelling to the new level and improve their workflow with tips and tricks

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