Big Mountain Studio – Working With Data In SwiftUI (Bonus: Xcode Project)

Big Mountain Studio – Working With Data In SwiftUI (Bonus: Xcode Project)
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Chapters at a glance​
Architecture – How can you arrange your projects so they are simple to manage, maintain, and still scalable?
Struct Properties – What are the limitations of struct properties that you should know about?
Property Wrappers – What are property wrappers and how can you create and use your own?
@State – How can you use @State to persist data in your view when it is refreshing? What can and cannot be stored in @State?
@Binding – Using @Binding is essential to creating reusable views but what do you use it with?
@Observable – How can you use an observable object to separate out your logic and keep your view clean?
@Observable & Subviews – What if you wanted to pass your observable object into a subview? Learn when and how to use the @Bindable property wrapper.
@AppStorage – How can you use @AppStorage to persist data and provide the user with a better experience?
@SceneStorage – If the user gets interrupted in the middle of a long process, how can you help them get back to where they last left off?
@Environment – How can you make data globally available or even narrow the scope of availability within your app?
Input & Event Modifiers – Is it possible to respond to data changes from the view?
Using Mock Data – How can you set up your view so you can use mock data for previews or real data when it runs?
Working with JSON – How can you create data objects that make it easy for you to work with JSON from services?
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