Big Mountain Studio – SwiftUI in UIKit Weekend Kickstarter

Big Mountain Studio – SwiftUI in UIKit Weekend Kickstarter
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Don’t Be Left Behind​

Don’t let your UIKit projects hold you back from learning SwiftUI.
Find out how you can actually add SwiftUI to your UIKit projects!

Where do UIKit Developers Start with SwiftUI?​

This course will help you start using SwiftUI in your existing UIKit applications.

How can I add SwiftUI to my UIKit project?​

You’re going to learn 2 ways to add a SwiftUI screen to your UIKit app:

  • Using the Storyboard
  • Through Code

Can I pass data to a SwiftUI view and back?​

You can! You’re going to learn 2 ways to pass data to your SwiftUI view:

  • Through a segue
  • Through code

What are Property Wrappers and how do they work?​

This is a common question I hear a lot. So let’s get to the bottom of what property wrappers actually do.

Can SwiftUI be used to create complex UIs?​

How are complex UIs built using SwiftUI?
I’ll teach you the 3 key components to building complex layouts.

Can you create Table Views in SwiftUI?​

You actually have multiple ways to create table view presentations in SwiftUI. This course will walk you through all of them and talk about the benefits of each.

How can I create Collection Views with SwiftUI?​

There are two ways you can do this. You will learn how to get started with both of them.

What if SwiftUI does not have a UIKit equivalent?​

There may be a case where you need a UIKit component inside of SwiftUI. What do you do?
I’ll show you how you can use:

  • UIKit controls in SwiftUI
  • UIViewControllers in SwiftUI

Prepare to Explore!​

Imagine being able to start using SwiftUI next week in your existing UIKit projects.
This course is designed to open that door for you.
Once that door is open you can then explore the many fantastic SwiftUI resources out there!



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