Beginning Java Objects: From Concepts to Code | Apress

Beginning Java Objects: From Concepts to Code | Apress
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About This Book
Unlock the full potential of Java’s object-oriented nature with “Beginning Java Objects: From Concepts to Code,” now in its third edition. This book provides a comprehensive understanding of Java syntax and its foundational object principles. It stands out by using a single case study – a Student Registration System – to guide readers from basic object concepts to object modeling, and finally to coding a complete application. The new edition includes a technology-neutral discussion on building a three-tier architecture using Java, emphasizing model layer, presentation layer, and data layer separation. The timeless object-oriented principles taught are applicable to all Java versions and extend to other object-oriented languages, making this book ideal for both self-study and as a university-level textbook.

What You Will Learn

Understand basic object-oriented principles, including classes, objects, encapsulation, abstract classes, and polymorphism
Structure application requirements effectively around objects
Translate an object model into Java code, building a complete functioning model layer for the Student Registration System
Conceptually add presentation and data layers to an object layer

Who This Book Is For
This book is ideal for software developers new to Java, as well as those familiar with Java who seek to deepen their understanding of its object-oriented aspects.



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