Beginners Course: Learn Bash Shell Scripting For Automation | Udemy

Beginners Course: Learn Bash Shell Scripting For Automation | Udemy
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Learn How to Automate Repetitive Tasks with Bash Shell Scripting

What you’ll learn
Learn Bash Shell Scripting from basic to advanced level
Learn how to use command chaining or if – else statements
Learn how to use Bash arrays
Learn how to use loops
Learn how to execute REST APIs with curl command
Learn how to work with remote servers using ssh with the help of sshpass and expect commands
Learn how to apply grep, cut ,awk and sed commands to get fields or lines

This unique course is designed to become an expert in bash shell scripting to automate repetitive tasks.

As we know that most of the organizations are moving into Linux and Unix operating system as its generally open source. Additionally, Linux, Unix skills gained by developers would make them more in demand.

From a developer perspective, this course not only cover command line commands, but also Bash shell scripting to make you comprehensive developer expert in Linux \ Unix OS.

The topic covered are as follows:

How to write shell scripts from basic to advanced level

What is the shebang line and why every shell script need ones.

How to create and use variables

Testing and Decision Making

Command line arguments

Input and output

Conditional Statements

Exit status

filters like grep, awk, cut and sed



Case statements


Working with REST APIs using curl

Working with remote servers

Who this course is for:

Beginner Level to Advanced Level Automation Engineers with Bash Shell Scripting


Need minimum knowledge on Unix/Linux Commands

Desire to learn shell scripting

Any Unix-Like OS running on Physical Machine or Virtual Machine or Virtual Machine from Any Cloud Provider

What you’ll learn

Students will be able to understand shell scripting concepts

Students will be able to understand unix filters like awk, cut and sed

This course is helpful to Automate repetitive tasks in different Admin areas like Linux Admins, Middleware Admins, Database Admins, DevOps Admin and AWS Cloud Admins

Happy learning!!

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in Bash Shell Scripting

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