BBC – The Fifty Years War Israel and the Arabs (1998)

BBC – The Fifty Years War: Israel and the Arabs (1998)
English | Documentary | Size: 2.42 GB

The main decision-makers from Israel, the Arab states, Russia and the US tell the inside story of the Arab-Israel conflict.
Narrated by Tim Pigott-Smith.

Chapter 1: 1948-1956
In 1948, the state of Israel was proclaimed. This episode recounts how the US, later Israel’s greatest ally, came close to stopping the creation of the new state.

Chapter 2: 1967
Tracing the pattern of dramatic and covert events leading to the Six Day War of June 1967.

Chapter 3: 1967-1982
The Palestinian story, beginning with Yasser Arafat’s first secret crossing of the River Jordan to launch raids on Israel and ending with his exile to Tunis.

Chapter 4: 1970-1979
Israel was not prepared for the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War. Ex-US president Jimmy Carter recalls how, in 1978, he managed to broker the Arab-Israel agreement.

Chapter 5: 1987-1991
The protracted search for peace was repeatedly sabotaged. The deadlock was finally broken by the Intifada – a Palestinian uprising in the occupied territories.

Chapter 6: 1992-1998
A series of cloak and-dagger manoeuvres sealed a historic first peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel in September 1993.

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