BBC Natural World – Wild Cuba A Caribbean Journey (2020)

BBC Natural World – Wild Cuba: A Caribbean Journey (2020)
English | Documentary | Size: 1.92 GB

Colin Stafford-Johnson journeys through one of the most bewitching islands in the world, featuring the wildlife and wild places that make it so special. Colin explores corners of Cuba that few outsiders have seen. Amongst the wonders he encounters is the bee hummingbird, the world’s tiniest bird, found nowhere else on the planet, and the spectacle of thousands of crabs migrating en masse.

Cuba’s isolation has helped preserve many of its natural riches, creating unspoiled landscapes that are home to many enchanting animals living under the bluest skies in the Caribbean. In this authored odyssey, the natural magic of one Earth’s most intriguing countries is revealed.

Colin encounters bats emerging from a labyrinth of limestone caves to feed on nectar from giant hibiscus flowers, and tiny frogs, smaller than a fingernail, living in patches of hidden emerald forest. And on the white sand beaches, baby green turtles emerge from their nests to make their way to the sparkling Caribbean sea.

On his journey, Colin also sees how the modern world is impacting this island paradise, meeting endangered Cuban crocodiles and parrots under pressure from habitat loss. As he travels, Colin gives unique and personal insight into the extraordinary animals and magical landscapes he finds, revealing the very best that wild Cuba has to offer.

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