AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Practice Test [New!] | Udemy

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Practice Test [New!] | Udemy
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Ace AZ-104 | Scripts to simulate labs | In-depth video & text explanations for correct & wrong answers | 150 Questions

What you’ll learn
Clear the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam in your first attempt
Obtain the Azure Administrator Associate badge
Not just passively watch videos, but actively run scripts and learn to use Azure resources
Perform lab demos of the administrative tasks required in the exam


a. 150 deeply researched questions for AZ 104. I create no more than one question/day to maintain high quality.

b. There are no ‘What is the…’, or ‘Which is the…” type of one-line questions. Each question is based on your understanding of a scenario. The questions challenge you to understand, apply, and analyze your knowledge.

c. This course comes with both video and text explanations. The text explanations come with product illustrations for easy understanding. You can also go through the video explanations for a more seamless demo.

d. For each question I provide an ARM template to simulate the environment used in the question. Note, I am slowly adding this feature, which is not available for all the questions.

e. For each question I provide a summarized version of the answer (suitable for revisions) and a detailed answer (for in-depth learning). Note, I am slowly adding this feature and the summarized version of the answer is not available for all the questions.

f. I simulate the actual AZ104 Microsoft exam experience for you in the form of drag-and-drop questions, dropdown questions, multiple yes/no questions with a radio button, repeated scenario questions, etc.

g. Clear and lucid explanations for both correct & incorrect answers.

h. Explanations run parallel to the product. Every detailed explanation has corroborating evidence with the Microsoft product (like Microsoft Azure) shown in screenshots and clear callouts.

i. Explanations are NOT directly copied from Microsoft documentation. I have rephrased all the reasoning in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

j. No step-motherly treatment of incorrect answer choices. I took enough effort to explain the rationale for each answer choice (whether correct/wrong), including the reference links.

k Don’t worry about inaccurate sentence framing/wrong grammar/incorrect punctuation. I use Grammarly to review every question.

l. Almost non-existent repetition of questions only to increase the question count.

m. I love to help you succeed. If you need to discuss, we have an Active Q&A dashboard and expect fast responses (save for my sleeping hours, which are generally less).

n. As soon as there is an update from Microsoft, I try to update my course, keeping it always fresh.

o. The question bank is peer-reviewed every three months to ensure exam relevance.

p. Still not convinced? Check out sample questions on my YouTube channel/website before you decide to buy.

Feel free to connect with me through my website for any issues/questions.

The questions are collected from a variety of domains and sub-domains with extra care taken to equal attention to each exam area. Also, the questions are on different levels.

For example:

Remember-level questions test whether you can recall memorized facts, & basic concepts.

Understand-level questions validate whether you can explain the meanings of terms, & concepts.

Application-level questions test whether you can perform tasks using facts, concepts, & techniques, and,

Analysis-level questions validate whether you can diagnose situations & solve problems with concepts & techniques.

A mixture of questions at different levels reinforces your knowledge and prepares you to ace the exam.

These are the exam domains covered in the AZ-104 practice test:

Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)

Implement and manage storage (15–20%)

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)

Configure and manage virtual networking (20-25%)

Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10–15%)

Who this course is for:
Students who want to clear the AZ-104 Exam
Students who want to obtain the Azure Administrator Associate badge

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