AWS Networking Essentials – O’Reilly Live Events

AWS Networking Essentials – O’Reilly Live Events
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Learn about AWS Networking and Content Delivery

AWS Networking Essentials provides the information you need to get up and running with your cloud networking career today. This 4-hour live training will cover AWS networking basics, Virtual Private Cloud Design, network security and advanced networking services. Networking is one of the four core service offerings for all cloud service providers, including AWS. For applications running in EC2, the architecture begins with the network and in AWS this is the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). In order to gain the highest degree of security, resiliency, and performance, you must design and implement the network effectively. This course is your first step to learning and gaining the skills needed to successfully and securely deploy virtual networks in the world’s leading cloud service provider.

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it:
• Review of fundamental knowledge needed throughout the use of AWS VPC, IPv4, and IPv6
addresses as well as classless-interdomain routing and C.I.D.R notation.
• Amazon VPC basics including how subnets enable the use of multiple availability zones as
well as routing, internet access, and how public IP addresses can be allocated and assigned
to EC2 instances.
• Amazon VPC advanced concepts such as keeping EC2 instances private and protected from
the internet while still allowing egress only or one-way internet access.
• Network address translation, third-party virtual network appliances, and VPC endpoints.
• Virtual Network Security including the use of network access control lists and security
• Connecting VPCs and On-Premises Networks including VPC peering, various VPN solutions,
and AWS Direct Connect.
• Monitoring and optimizing network performance
• Designing & implementing hybrid networking at scale
• Configuring network integration with applications services

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