AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) | Pearson

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) | Pearson
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10+ Hours of Video Instruction

Get the edge you need to ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 exam!

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) Complete Video Course is your full resource to gaining a foundational understanding of AWS Cloud concepts, services, and terminology. It focuses on each of the exam objectives and provides in-depth quiz question breakdowns throughout so you can see in real-time how to approach and answer exam questions. Best-selling author and trainer Chad Smith will share his extensive knowledge of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner materials, so you are prepared and confident on exam day.

Question breakdowns end each section to highlight how to approach, decipher, and answer real-world practice questions so you can learn how to eliminate the incorrect answers and navigate the exam. Chad Smith will also share his extensive knowledge of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam along with providing best practices and tips, so you are prepared and confident on test day.

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Topics include:

Exam Foundation introduces the Cloud Practitioner exam material and set the stage for the rest of the course content. Includes logistics, questions domain, exam registrations procedure and general exam strategies.
Cloud Concepts covers the basics of cloud terminology. Includes introductory concepts for cloud economics and the principles of being “Well-Architected.” This module goes in deep about AWS Well-Architected Framework and its six pillars.
Security and Compliance covers larger security topics like Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and network security implementation via Security Groups.
Technology covers AWS Cloud Deployment and Operations and AWS Global Infrastructure. Main points of discussion would focus on how to interact with the service API endpoints in the AWS ecosystem.
Core AWS Services will introduce core services in four areas, Networking, Compute, Storage, and Databases. It will focus on the details of the EC2 service, AI and ML services and Analytics. It will also look at Application Integration, Business Application and Customer Engagement and Developer Tools, End-user services, Frontend services and IoT offerings.
Billing, Pricing, and Support teaches the common exam scenario for pricing models, EC2 pricing by covering multiple account strategies and deep diving into support resources is also included.
Next Steps focuses on the next steps you can take to further your understanding of different technologies in AWS.

Skill Level:

Beginner to Intermediate

Learn How To:

Prepare for the CLF-C02 exam
Compute the EC2 service available in AWS
Understand the basics of cloud terminology including Cloud Economics and Cloud Architecture Design Principles
Understand Cloud Value Proposition and Cloud Business Value
Understand the importance of Cloud Security
Understand different cloud deployment patterns
Solve customer-needed assistance with the deployment or operation of a core infrastructure service

Who Should Take This Course:

Cloud beginners
AWS beginners
Project managers
Anyone wanting to start their AWS certification journey



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