Automate with Python with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analytics | Udemy

Automate with Python with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analytics | Udemy
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A practical no-code course to improve productivity using ChatGPT Advanced Data Analytics & Code Interpreter

What you’ll learn
Automate tasks on your computer with simple Python programs written by ChatGPT Code Interpreter
Programmatically generate and update Excel spreadsheets.
Manipulate PDFs, Word, Text and CSV documents.
Programmatically control Files and Folders

Enhance your computer productivity by having ChatGPT Code Interpreter create programs that automates monotonous tasks.

Designed specifically for those eager to quickly use small, practical programs, this course doesn’t require knowledge of programming. Instead, the course focuses on using ChatGPT Code Interpreter to accomplish real tasks, leaving out traditional computer science concepts.

Aimed at absolute beginners, the course provides a access to the widely-used Python programming language without us having to write a single line of Python code.

Through this course, you will acquire fundamental knowledge in areas such as:

File and Data Automations: Generate Text and Word Files, File Renaming in Bulk, Bulk Edit of Files, Converting File Types, Mass Management of Excel Spreadsheet Processing, Automate Creating Pivot Tables

Extracting Data from PDFs and Websites

Data Analysis and Visualization: Analyze Data and Statistics, Generate Plots and Graphs, Contraints of the Code Interpreter

Video Editing: Merging Videos, Extracting Audio, Face Tracking, Creating GIFs

Editing Images: Convert to Greyscale, Resizing, Detecting Faces, Adding Watermarks, Creating Collages

Web Scraping with Code Interpreter

Generate QR Codes

Upon completing the course, you’ll not only significantly boost your efficiency, but you’ll also have a new, enjoyable, and inventive skill to add to your professional profile.

Who this course is for:
Office workers, students, small/home business workers, and administrators would want to improve their productivity with ChatGPT Code Interpreter



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