ASP.NET Core Identity & Security (. NET 8) | Udemy

ASP.NET Core Identity & Security (. NET 8) | Udemy [Update 02/2023]
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ASP.NET Core Identity , 2FA/MFA, OAuth, Jason Web Token (Jwt), Microservices Security and OWASP

What you’ll learn
Implementing Sign Up and Sign-in with E-mail confirmation
Implementing Tw-Factor Authentication
Authorization with Roles
Implementing Claim-based Authorization with Policies
Authentication with Json Web Token to Secure Microservices
Adding Facebook Login to Your ASP .NET Core Websites
Protect Your Web Application Against Common Security Attacks
Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

It is now Updated for .NET 8 and Microservices Architecture.

With our comprehensive course, unlock the full potential of cutting-edge ASP .NET Core identity management and security. Strengthen your application’s defences against cyber threats through hands-on expertise and in-depth knowledge.

This course delves into essential topics, starting with robust cookie-based authentication and advancing to intricate techniques like role-based and claims-based authorization. Explore OAuth authentication with popular platforms such as Facebook and Google, implement Two-Factor Authentication for an additional layer of security, and harness token-based authentication for creating secure microservices systems using JSON Web Token (JWT).

Dive into ASP .NET Core security principles, including a comprehensive understanding of OWASP, and learn how to safeguard web applications using Web Application Firewalls (WAF). Go beyond the fundamentals with insights into Cyber Security Management, covering third-party WAF systems, including the industry-leading Cloudflare. Gain a holistic perspective that includes both architectural and managerial considerations.

Our course is designed for interactive learning, featuring a dynamic Q&A section for quick, insightful responses to your queries.

Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey to become a security-savvy developer in ASP .NET Core.

Join our community and equip yourself with the skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of modern web application security.

Who this course is for:
C# Developers
ASP .NET Developers
API and/or Microservices Developers
Software Architects



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