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Aruba CX Switching Home Lab Guide ACA ACSA ACSP ACSX | Udemy
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Aruba CX Switching Home Lab Guide ACA ACSA ACSP ACSX VMware Workstation GNS3

What you’ll learn
With this course, you will have the the fundamental skills necessary to pass ACSA exam
Configure and Manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions
You will learn about Aruba switch technologies.
With the help of this course, you will be provided the underlying material required to prepare candidates for the Aruba Certified Switching Associate ACSA certi

In this course, you will study Aruba Switching Topics for your ACA, ACSA and ACSP exams.


Out-of-band management

ArubaOS switch CLI contexts

Help keys

Accessing ArubaOS switch interfaces

Basic Configuration Tasks

Initializing Switches

Configuring Initial Settings

Exploring the ArubaOS switch CLI

Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Assigning IP addresses to switches

Assigning IP addresses on ArubaOS switches via DHCP

Configuring IP Addresses

Verfying Connectivity

In-band management

Out-of-band management with an Ethernet OOBM port

Operator and manager roles

Applying local passwords



LACP Operational Modes

Configuring an LACP link aggregation

Load-sharing traffic over a link aggregation

Other options for link aggregations

IP Routes

Direct IP Routes

Indirect IP Routes and DefaultRoutes

Topology that requires Indirect Routes

Configuring Routing for a Basic Topology

Indirect IP Routes

Static IP Routing

Creating Static IP Routes

Managing Redundant Static Routes

Creating Redundant Static IP Routes

Dynamic Routing Protocols

Basic OSPF Setup

Choosing the Preferred Route with Static and Dynamic Routing

Configuring Basic OSPF

Set manager and operator passwords

Adding Role-based Access Conrol (RBAC)

Authorization groups and rules

Software file management

Manage software images on ArubaOS switches

Configuration file management

Manage configuration files on ArubaOS switches

Planning a software upgrade

Software and configuration job aids

Using VLANs to isolate communications

Assigning an endpoint to a VLAN

Extending the VLAN across multiple switches

VLAN uses

Configuring a VLAN

Trace tagging across the topology

Adding another VLAN

Setting up DHCP relay

Routing between VLANs

Configuring Default route for switches

Set up basic routing

Tracing a frame across the routed topology

Special VLAN Types on ArubaOS switches

Adding Redundant Links to the Topology

Spanning Tree Solution

Spanning Tree Protocols Overview

Spanning Tree Port Roles and States

Configuring Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Root election

Port Costs

Failing over from a root to an alternate port

Failing over from a root to a designated port

Reconvergence when a better path is added

Spanning tree edge ports

Issues withRSTP

MSTP Solution

MSTP Region

Configure Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol


Adding redundant links betwen the same two switches

Who this course is for:
Candidates for this course are IT Professionals who deploy small-to-medium scale enterprise network solutions based on Aruba products and technologies.
Passionate learners who want to get better at their jobs.
IT Professionals who want to pass ACSA exam.
Network Engineers
System Admins
System Technicians
Infrastructure Technicians
Network Administrators







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