Artstation – Anime Character Design and Rendering

Artstation – Anime: Character Design and Rendering
English | Tutorial | Size: 3.0GB

In this tutorial you’ll get :
• 4 Hours narrated videos spread on 17 chapters.
– 1 Hour unedited video for rendering the face (no voice over)
– Videos will cover:

Character design
Sketching poses
Rendering First Test
Inking (clean drawing)
Base rendering – Second test
Layers setup
Rendering Second Test: Face, Hair, Outfit, Pants, Sneakers
Using 3D to help with rendering
Final touches
Brushes I use
This tutorial includes:

17 narrated videos. Some videos have narration only at the first half covering the points most important in the video.
Final thoughts video going over the results and the process in general.
Illustration PSD: x4
High rez final illustration: x2
Files includes: Wips, Sketches, Character Concept
Brush Sets I use: x2

Is this Tutorial for you?

I wanted to try something a bit different and then record my thoughts on the process. So if that is something you enjoy then this tutorial is for you.
In general this tutorial will show you my work process, how I plan stuff, and how I handle a clean painting in Photoshop, with a look at my layers management, what I do for final touches and finally a recap of what I learned from the journey.

This is NOT a beginners friendly tutorial, it is for those who already know how to use PS and know how to paint and want to expand their scope, maybe try something new.

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