ArdanLabs – Ultimate Rust Foundations

ArdanLabs – Ultimate Rust Foundations
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The Ultimate Rust Foundations class starts with an introduction to Rust, and why you benefit from using – both as a foundation, and within your existing ecosystem.

Course Outline​

Rust includes Cargo, a swiss-army knife tool that can:
Using Rust without Cargo
Rust’s Safety Guarantees
“Hello World” application – the foundation of most languages.
Arrays, vectors and slices.
Strict types and strong typing.
Serializing and De-Serializing data.
Iterative Programming – using iterators to combine operations.
Working with Strings
Protection from data races
Easy multi-threaded concurrency with Rayon
Ultimate control with raw threads
High-performance Input/Output with Asynchronous design and Tokio.
Build a CPU bound program with Rayon, and use all of your CPU power.
Manage raw-threads and shared data.
Spin up a simple server in 10 minutes.
The classic Object-Oriented Programming example of different objects printing different text – but with traits.
Designing a simple generic function with ToString.
Stacked traits – traits that depend upon one another, combined with generic programming.

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