Ardan Labs – Ultimate Go Web Services with Kubernetes 4.1

Ardan Labs – Ultimate Go Web Services with Kubernetes 4.1
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This “Ultimate Go Web Services with Kubernetes 4.1” is a course from Ardan Labs that teaches how to build production-level services in Go using Kubernetes.

The Advanced Web Services with Kubernetes 4.1 course offers practical skills for developing scalable and reliable web applications in modern development environments. Explore advanced Kubernetes concepts and learn to build and evolve outstanding web services with confidence.

The course covers topics such as:
• Design philosophies and guidelines for building services in Go
• Clusters, nodes, and pods
• Starting the Kubernetes cluster
• Creating and building a Dockerfile for the service
• Creating and applying a K8s deployment for the service
• Building CRUD based services with logging, observability, and debugging

The course is designed for students who have a basic understanding of the Go programming language. Students should have completed the majority of the Go Tour. They should also know how to program and core concepts of working with computers, such as files, HTTP, and memory management.

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