AppSync Masterclass

AppSync Masterclass
English | Tutorial | Size: 6.92 GB

Learn how to use modern technologies such as AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB and Vue.js to build performant and scalable full-stack applications by building a Twitter clone from scratch.

Serverless technologies let you build scalable and performant applications without managing any infrastructure. GraphQL lets you build powerful APIs that are easy to use and extend. Together, they’re the perfect tool for building modern applications.

Learn practical skills valued by employers!
Don’t waste your time on yet another hello-world tutorial. Go deep and learn practical, hands-on skills that can actually make you a better developer and help you stand out from the crowd.

• Testing & Debugging
How to test Lambda functions and AppSync APIs both locally (unit & integration tests) and
remotely (end-to-end tests).

• Observability
Learn best practices for logging, monitoring and tracing so you can spot and fix issues in
production quickly.

• Design Patterns
Learn architectural design patterns for serverless applications and modelling techniques for

• Security
How to secure your application and prevent unauthorized access.

Experience modern full-stack development!
Build a non-trivial, full-stack application using modern technologies (GraphQL, AWS, serverless, Vue.js) and development practices (infra-as-code, CI/CD, load-testing, progressive web apps).

Gain hands-on experience with popular AWS services such as AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB
and Cognito.

• Vue.js and Tailwind CSS
Learn by building a non-trivial progressive web application with the popular Vue.js framework
and Tailwind CSS.

• GraphQL
Learn how GraphQL works, how it compares with REST APIs and best practices for modelling
GraphQL schemas.

• CI/CD with GitHub Actions
Continuously test and deploy your API using GitHub Actions.

Build a full-stack Twitter clone!
Implement features such as user registration, managing user profile, post tweets, reply/retweet/like tweets, follow/unfollow users, hashtags, search, direct messages and notifications.

• User authentication
Implement user registration, sign-in, sign-out flows using Cognito and Amplify. Including the
3-step UI flow for signing up to Twitter.

• Manage user profile
Load user profile with tweets; allow users to edit their profile details and upload profile
images to S3.

• Tweeting
Users can send tweets, reply to tweets or like a tweet. Tweets would be distributed to
followers’ timelines.

• Social features – follow, DMs
Users can follow each other and receive tweets into their timeline, and they can private
message each other with direct messages.

• Real-time notifications
Implement real-time notifications using websockets.

Get production-ready!
Getting an app to work is the easy part. The hard part is in getting it production-ready. Can it scale with more users? Can you troubleshoot issues quickly? Does it work well on both desktop and mobile?

• Progressive Web Application (PWA)
Make the UI work well on desktop, tablets and mobile devices so the user always get a good
experience no matter the form factor.

• Analytics tracking
Gain insights into how users are using your application. Use Kinesis Firehose to ingest click-
stream events and analyze them using Athena.

• Observability
Set up CloudWatch alerts and dashboards; investigate performance issues with X-Ray; get
detailed resolver metrics with CloudWatch Insights.

• Performance optimization
Optimize Lambda cold start time and use AppSync’s per-resolver caching to improve
scalability and performance.

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