Ansible For Network Engineers Pynet Paid Class Videos.15.4

Ansible For Network Engineers Pynet Paid Class Videos.15.4
English | Tutorial | Size: 4.90 GB

Course Syllabus
Class1: Ansible Fundamentals

Course introduction
Git, Git, Git, Git-out-of-here
YAML – this is not the indentation you are looking for
Ansible Overview
Ansible Playbook Structure
Class2: Variables, Modules, Network Fact Gathering

Ansible Variables
Ansible Modules
Cisco IOS Modules (basics)
Arista EOS Modules (basics)
Using cli_command
Directly Passing Credentials
Privilege Escalation (Become/Enable)
Class3: Conditionals, Loops, and Configuration Templating

Idempotency – what the what
Tags/Limit/Check Mode
Jinja2 as part of Ansible
Configuration Templating Basics
Advanced Configuration Templating
Class4: Making Network Configuration Changes (Basics)

Ansible Network Configuration Overview
Resource Modules
Feature Specific Modules (IOS)
Feature Specific Modules (EOS)
Feature Specific Modules (NX-OS)
net_* Modules
Write Mem and Ansible Handlers
Class5: Making Network Configuration Changes (Part2)

Using platform_config Modules
Using cli_config
Config Hierarchy and platform_config
Deploying Jinja2 Generated Configurations
SSH Key-based Authentication
Module Path
Class6: Imports, Includes, and Roles

Include vs Import – Dynamic vs Static
Including Variables
Importing Tasks
Including Tasks
Class7: Parsers and Dynamic Inventory

Ansible and TextFSM
Ansible and Genie-Parsers
Ansible and RegEx
Dynamic Inventory – Some Python Required
Class8: Additional Ansible Techniques and Debugging

Ansible Lookups
Ansible Filters
Ansible Plugins
Manipulating Complex Data-Structures
Ansible Debugging
Using Ansible Vault
Bonus1: NAPALM-Ansible (Plus and Premium Packages only)

What is NAPALM?
NAPALM for Information Gathering
NAPALM Merge Operations
NAPALM Replace Operations
Templating and NAPALM
Bonus2: OS Upgrade IOS/IOS-XE, Creating your own Filter/Module (Premium Package only)

Demo: OS Upgrade of Cisco IOS/IOS-XE using Ansible
Creating your own Ansible Filter – Some Python Required
Creating your own Ansible Module – Some Python Required

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