Angular Start – Learn to build professional-grade Angular Applications

Angular Start – Learn to build professional-grade Angular Applications
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Learn to build professional-grade Angular v17 applications using new features with modern best practices​

A complete text-based guide to Angular from beginner level through to building professional-grade applications. Concepts are taught from scratch, but the content will be valuable to intermediate – and even advanced – Angular developers.​

Learn Angular the way highly skilled professionals build apps today ?​
It was years into my Angular journey before I discovered how to go about building Angular applications the right way.

? The problem is that the “right” way is quite drastically different to the “easy” way…

…and the “right” way initially just seems like the unnecessarily complicated way. But, this is only in the sense that it is “unnecessarily complicated” to learn which fingers should press which keys and in what kind of way on the piano.

In the beginning, it might seem like you should just push the keys in whatever way is easiest… they produce the same sound anyway. No need to complicate things by creating some seemingly arbitrary rules. It’s not until the notes start flowing together, and you are playing more complex music, that it becomes more clear why those rules are a good idea.

The different approaches — which can loosely be summarised as imperative vs declarative/reactive — involve drastically different skills and ways to think about the structure of your application.

?‍♂️ The “right” way?

Claiming something is the “right” way to do something is pretty bold, and kind of dismissive of other styles. There is never any one true way to code. So, please don’t take this phrasing too literally.

But, let me explain why I came to think of the style we will be using in this course as “the right way”.

The concepts used in this course are the approaches that are used by software engineers at the best Angular companies like Nrwl — the company that created Nx and was founded by two former Googlers that worked on Angular.

Also at companies like Cisco who are one of the biggest hirers of top Angular developers.

And the concepts used in this course are also the approaches that are generally advocated for among top Angular developers and Google Developer Experts for Angular .

?‍? But, most importantly…

The main reason this feels like the “right” way to me is because I started to find coding with Angular to be way more efficient, way less error-prone, and just way more fun once I switched to this style.

It requires a bit more of a learning investment in the beginning, but it pays off big time .



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