Allegro PCB Editor Basic Techniques v17.4-2019QIR2.rar

Allegro PCB Editor Basic Techniques v17.4-2019QIR2.rar
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This is the first in a two-series course. It is recommended that you take the Allegro® PCB Editor Intermediate Techniques course after finishing this one.

The Allegro PCB Editor Basic Techniques course contains all the fundamental steps for designing a PCB, from loading logic and netlist data to producing manufacturing/NC output. The task-oriented labs show you the combined use of interactive and automatic tools. This course requires the Allegro X Designer Layout license or above.

This course requires the SPB22.1-2022 software or later.
Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Efficiently navigate the user interface
Create library parts that are used throughout the entire process of the board layout
Import logic design data
Identify the different design rules and set them in your design
Place your design interactively
Route nets interactively
Run the automatic router
Create copper areas for planes
Produce manufacturing output and documentation
Work with 3D Canvas

Software Used in This Course

Allegro X Designer Layout license or above

Software Release(s)

SPB22.1-2022 or later
Modules in this Course

User Interface
Working with Objects
PCB Editor Initialization
Package Symbols
Board Design Files
Importing Logic Information into the PCB Editor
Design Constraints
Component Placement
Advanced Placement
Copper Areas and Planes
Preparing for Postprocessing
Preparing the Board Design for Manufacturing


CAD Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Layout Designers
PCB Designers
PCB Layout Designers


You must have experience with or knowledge of the following:

Board Layout Design

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