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AlgoExpert – InfraExpert
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An unrivaled platform to learn infrastructure engineering.
Everything you need to ace the infrastructure interviews.

Infra Crash Course

Infrastructure engineering is built on extensive foundations in networking, operating systems, virtualization, databases, and cloud computing.

Our crash course is intelligently organized into 29 modules, each covering a key concept and building upon the previous one. The result is a guided, comprehensive education that equips you with all the building blocks you need to successfully navigate any infrastructure interview.

Infra Coding Questions

Theoretical familiarity with Bash and SQL is necessary to ace the infrastructure interviews, but it’s not sufficient. Knowing how to apply these domain-specific languages in practice is the true test you’ll have to pass.

Our thoughtfully selected infra coding interview questions will sharpen your Bash and SQL skills in just the right ways, ensuring you head into your interviews armed with the most relevant experience. Practice makes perfect. Intelligent practice makes even more perfect.

Infra Design Questions

What kind of database would you use for a Fintech start-up in the banking industry? What kind of infrastructure design choices would you make when migrating a web app to the cloud? How would you troubleshoot an intermittently slow web server?

These are the kinds of open-ended infra design questions that you could be faced with in an infrastructure interview. Our curated list of design questions and our exceptional workspace give you the perfect preparation to tackle these challenging problems.

High-Quality Videos

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of video as an educational medium. That’s why our crash course comes with 29 high-resolution videos, boasting crystal-clear audio for a truly premium experience. Concepts are explained at length and, where applicable, are showcased in action directly in the terminal.

Meanwhile, each of our 10 infra coding questions and 10 infra design questions includes a thorough video explanation, where we walk you through every step of the solution in detail. Preparing for infrastructure interviews has never been easier.

Exceptional Workspaces

Our questions workspaces are designed with elegance and simplicity in mind, using a polished multi-pane layout and a clean color scheme. Each panel is toggleable and fully resizable, allowing you to organize your workspace as you see fit.

Coding questions come equipped with a built-in Bash shell and SQL compiler so you can execute your code directly in the terminal browser, while design questions offer a handy scratchpad to jot down your thoughts as you flesh out your answer. And with our signature video solutions available at the click of a button, you have the ideal environment to hone your infrastructure engineering skills.


Delia Lazarescu, Ex-Google Software Engineer

Delia is an Ex-Google Software Engineer and Cloud Technical Solutions Engineer. She graduated with double degrees in Computer Science and Business, primarily focusing on full-stack development during her four college internships. After graduating, Delia started her career at a consulting company, where she worked remotely as a full-stack engineer implementing cloud infrastructure, before transitioning to freelancing, where she managed her own clients.

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