Advanced Google Analytics 4 or GA 4 (2023) | Udemy

Advanced Google Analytics 4 or GA 4 (2023) | Udemy
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All key features covered in Google Analytics 4 2023

What you’ll learn
Conversion Tracking
Custom Events and Dimensions
Linking and Analyzing Google Ads and Search Console data with GA 4
Identifying Profitable Keywords
Debug Mode
Explorer View and Generating Custom Reports
E-Commerce Events

This course is a hands on course for Advanced GA4 or Google Analytics 4. We will use live data from Google’s Merchandise Store and take a learning by doing approach. We will use GA4 or Google Analytics 4 to see how we can do the following:

1. Configure custom events

2. Understand custom dimension and metrics. These enable tracking custom fields, such as order value

3. Understand event scopes, ranging from event to user scope

4. Conversion tracking

5. Ensure everything works by using debug mode

6. Link Google Ads and Search Console data with GA4

7. Analyse Google Ads data in Google Analytics 4

8. Identify profitable keywords in GA4

9. Explore view to generate custom reports of various kinds with hands-on examples

10. Configure ecommerce events

With Google changing from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, marketers and e-commerce website should be ready to migrate to GA4. This course is meant for students with basic knowledge of GA4. I have multiple years of experience managing analytics for large websites. I have distilled years of experience in these videos. They can help with the learning curve. It focuses on advanced topics. Google Analytics 4 is a truly powerful and upgraded version of Universal Analytics. If you have any questions, do ask. I am very responsive, and it would be great to interact with the group.

Who this course is for:
Intermediate to Advanced students

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