Adobe Audition Master Class 2022: Go From 0-HERO | Udemy

Adobe Audition Master Class 2022: Go From 0-HERO | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to go from 0 to HERO in Adobe Audition
Over 30 effects professionals use in movies, interviews, podcasts, and other form of video
Ways to Autotune and Reverse Audio in Audition
Multiple ways to professionally fade audio
How to convert music to surround sound
Adobe Audition’s Mixer, Multitrack, and Waveform Views
How to Remove Unwanted Background Audio From Clips (horns, wind, static, etc.)
How to Make Your Voice Sound Better in Adobe Audition
Audition’s DJ Drop and Podcast presets
How to Remove Mouth Clicks and Pops | & MORE!

Adobe Audition: The Complete Master Class 2022


This master class teaches how to go from 0 to HERO in your knowledge of Adobe Audition and audio production. You will learn the fundamentals of Adobe Audition CC to effects and techniques used by professional audio engineers, often used in movies, TV, YouTube videos, and podcasts. There are over 30 effects covered in this Audition course! When you have completed this Adobe Audition Master Class, you will gain the skills of confidence and the knowledge of how to export, edit, remove, enhance high-quality audio, and mixdown tracks.

This practical and comprehensive Adobe Audition CC Master Class trains you through the step-by-step process for over 30 effects, the different views of the software, removing unwanted background noise, creating surround sound audio, exporting high-quality projects, and more features you didn’t know existed.

It has never been this easy to learn Adobe Audition CC.

Topics covered in the Adobe Audition Master Class 2022: Go From 0-HERO:

Adobe Audition’s Layout

Fundamentals of Sound

Audition’s Waveform View

Audition’s Multitrack View

Exporting Tracks


Easily Reverse Audio in Adobe Audition



How to Remove Unwanted Background Audio From Clips. (Auto Heal, Lasso Tool, Marque Tool)

How to Create Surround Sound Audio in Adobe Audition

How to Remove Echo

How to Make Your Voice Sound Better

How to Remove Background Noise, Wind, and Static

Adobe Audition’s DJ Drop Preset

Adobe Audition’s Podcasting Preset

How to Remove Mouth Clicks and Pops

How to Use Adobe Audition’s Mixer View



Move Tool, Razer Tool, Slip Tool, Time Selection Tool

Marquee Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Paintbrush Selection Tool, Spot Healing Brush Tool

How to Speed up or Slow Down Audio

Adobe Audition Effects Covered:

Amplify and Channel Mixer

Multiband Compressor


Single Band Compressor

Tube Modeled Compressor




Delete Silence

FFT Filter

Graphic Equalizer!!

Parametric Equalizer


Noise Reduction

Sound Remover


Adaptive Noise Reduction


Convolution Reverb

Studio Reverb

Surround Reverb


Doppler Shift

Guitar Suite

Loudness Radar Meter

Vocal Enhancer

Center Channel Extractor

Stereo Expander

Pitch Blender

Pitch Shifter

Stretch and Pitch

Dynamics Processing

Hard Limiter


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Who this course is for:
This ultimate course covers beginner information to techniques used by professionals for those who want a practical way of learning Adobe Audition.
This masterclass is intended for anyone who has an interest in audio editing or Adobe Audition, desires better audio for their platform, or needs advanced and useful audio editing skills for their business.
Those that want to create music remixes and mixes.
Want better and clearer audio? This Adobe Audition course is for you!

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