Ad Reward System with Server-Side Verification (SSV) Android | Udemy

Ad Reward System with Server-Side Verification (SSV) Android | Udemy
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Add a Digital Coins System in your Android App where users can Watch Ads, Earn Coins and spend on in-app Rewards.

What you’ll learn
Implement Admob SDK for Android
Integrate Reward Ads in your App
Earn Money from Google Ads
Handle Server-Side Verification (SSV) for Reward Ad
Add Google Authentication
MongoDB Atlas integration
MongoDB Device Sync SDK for Android
MongoDB Functions and Triggers
Comply with the new European User Consent Policy
Google’s User Messaging Platform (UMP)
Your own Backend Server used for SSV
Server Deployment to make your app Production-ready

In this course I’m gonna teach you how to implement a Reward ad/Digital Coins System in your app with a Server-Side Verification (SSV). This same approach I’ve used in my own app to allow users to earn digital coins by viewing ads. In return, users can spend those coins, to redeem certain rewards that you want to provide.

We will use:

Admob mobile advertising platform which is developed by Google, to display a reward type of ad in our application. We will configure it to accept a server-side verification.

Google’s User Messaging Platform (UMP) to handle the new European Consent Policy. Because if you don’t implement it, users from over 30 countries will be able to suspend your ads and reduce a huge amount of money that you can potentially earn.

MongoDB Atlas to host the database where we will store all information about the users and their digital coins. We will handle user and admin permissions, collection schemas, network access list, authentication and database triggers, custom functions and more.

Our own Backend Server which will be used to validate reward ads and add Coins to our users. The server itself should receive requests from the Admob SDK, when a callback fires up after a user successfully completes a task of viewing an ad. That adds an extra layer of security by processing and verifying user actions on the server rather than solely relying on client-side verification. This reduces the risk of manipulation or tampering by malicious users who may attempt to manipulate the client-side verification process to fraudulently claim rewards.

And at the end we will deploy our Backend server so that we can use it in a production as well.

Bottom line, quite interesting topic that opens the door for monetization in your app.

Who this course is for:
Android Developers
Mobile Developers
Anyone who wants to learn how to Earn Money from Ads with Android Apps
Anyone who wants to implement Digital Coins system with Reward Ads in Android
Anyone who wants to secure their App and protect it from unauthorized Tampering



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