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Accounting, Bookkeeping & Financial Analysis (Accounting) | Udemy
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Accounting & Bookkeeping Basics. Accounting & Financial Analysis Concepts. Learn Accounting & Bookkeeping.

What you’ll learn
FREE EBOOK “Bookkeeping & Accounting Basics” (PDF)
Basic accounting & bookkeeping concepts
How to analyze financial statements
Understand the Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement), and Cash Flow Statement


Accounting is the language of business. In this course I will show you how to do accounting and bookkeeping, and apply those concepts to financial statement analysis. Each lesson is around 3-5 minutes and you can learn at your own pace. If you find traditional bookkeeping textbooks and classes boring and confusing, then this course is perfect for you because I explain everything in plain simple language that’s easy to understand and fun to learn.


– “It’s good. This is my second course under Mr. Calvin. I find it very simple but really understandable.” – Kimberly B.

– “I like that Sir Calvin shares his actual experience. It gives us viewers a glimpse of how Accounting flows in a business.” – Cherry A.

– “I think this is one of the best course I have seen. Especially, the teaching style is good and understandable.” – Durga G.

– “I like the way of teaching… like the lectures are simple enough for a student who has never done Financial studies ever. The way financial statements are taught in this lesson is perfect.” – Devraj C.

“The course is simple and easy to understand and gave me useful insights about financial statements.” – Deepanshu K.

– “I like the speaker’s teaching style. He discusses the topic in a simple manner which everyone can relate. I love how he uses the slides which is readable and simple. Overall, I love this course so much.” – John U.

– “The teaching style is excellent and the videos are very effective for me and the quizzes are helping me to check whether I am attending the lecture sincerely. The course is perfect.” – Karan M.

– The course is easy to understand. The instructor is very good at explaining. I also like that you have references or resources for us to have a copy. Thank you for creating this! The teaching style is very detailed and step by step. There are quizzes and assignments like this and makes us students learn more.” – Crizel F.


Fundamental accounting & bookkeeping concepts

How to read a Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement), and Cash Flow Statement

Financial statement analysis to help you decide whether a company is doing well financially

And much more!


Taught by a CPA, CA, MBA – Calvin K. Lee

Calvin has 15 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping, and provided consulting services for Fortune 500 companies

Calvin has worked in a Big 4 accounting firm (Ernst & Young LLP)

Calvin is a top-rated instructor at Schulich School of Business at York University

Over 77,000+ students from 178 countries enrolled in his courses

Lifetime access to this course, and you receive new lessons and updates for FREE

Subtitles (captions) available in English

Certificate of Completion available

30-day money-back guarantee


Who this course is for:
Accountants and bookkeepers
Accounting and bookkeeping students
Investors who want to evaluate companies and financial statements for investment purposes

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