25 Practice SQL Questions for Beginners | Udemy

25 Practice SQL Questions for Beginners | Udemy
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Master Basic SQL Syntax in Microsoft SQL Server: step-by-step video explanations with each question

What you’ll learn
SQL Syntax (T-SQL), Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Learn how to take a difficult questions, think critically, and apply your SQL knowledge.
There are many ways to provide the same results. Discover your own style and cultivate your abilities within Microsoft SQL Server.
Prepare for SQL interviews by practice a plethora of challenging SQL questions for Beginners.
Increase your SQL knowledge and understanding through repetition.

Learning SQL can be a challenge. And if you’re like me then you want to learn in an environment that allows you to learn by doing. In fact, I believe this is the best way to learn. Many academic studies have shown that retention and learning is significantly increased by attempting, trying, and even failing. The structure of this course challenges you while giving you the support you need to learn.

This course literally includes 25 Practice SQL Questions! In fact, majority of questions include multiple parts. Including those multiple parts students get access to 80 practice questions. This gives individuals ample opportunity to learn. Whether you’re preparing for an interviewing, refreshing on SQL concepts, or just wanting to learn this course will help you.

The instructional level is listed as “Beginner Level.” However, those taking this course do need to have some understanding of SQL. This course is not an introductory course. You will learn by attempting the question, using a hint if needed, then watching the video explanation. Video explanations are provided to show students how to answer the question; however, each question has multiple answers. The instructor simply shows students how he would answer the question.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) will be the database management system used in the course. All the questions in the course are answered using the Microsoft Sample database, Pubs. The syntax used in SSMS is T-SQL. T-SQL is similar to syntax used in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Snowflake, MariaDB, etc., however, Microsoft SQL Server will be needed to load the Pubs database.

List of commands used in course questions:

Select, From, Select Top, Where, Order by, Group by, Count, Inner Join, Distinct, Having, Sum, Avg, Min, Max, Create Table, Drop Table, Insert Into, And/Or, In/Not In, Between/Not Between, Like/Not Like, Case When, Concatenation, Format, Isnull, Alter Table, Update, DateName, Delete Row, Drop Column, Left/Right, Left Join, Inner Query (Subquery), Self Join

Who this course is for:
Beginner Level SQL Analysts, Developers, and Database Managers
Students should complete an Introductory SQL course before attempting these Practice Questions





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