21Draw – Introduction to Digital Coloring

21Draw – Introduction to Digital Coloring-QUASAR
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Learn how to create beautiful illustrations in Procreate or any other software!
Would you LOVE to learn how to draw digitally, but feel intimidated by the thousands of brushes, tools, and settings in an endless sea of drawing software?

Well, this course is for you! Believe it or not, the popular Instagram artist, Feefal, felt the same way when she started out with digital art, thinking it was way too difficult and overwhelming. In fact, she avoided it like the plague!

However, once she got the hang of drawing in Procreate, she went on to master it, becoming well-known for her stunning, unique artwork (with a following of over 1 million on Instagram). Who better could you ask for as a teacher??

In this course, Feefal will show you simple, effective methods she uses when painting in Procreate and will demystify the process with clear, easy-to-follow steps. She’ll also show you industry secrets and tips that she wished she knew when starting out! Awesome, right!?

You’ll start off the easy way by combining traditional art with digital, learning exactly how Feefal transfers a sketch to drawing software, lines her work, renders the colors and shadows, picks a winning color palette, and lots more cool stuff!

Digital drawing will be SO much easier for you after this course! You’ll master the skills and techniques needed to produce gorgeous, appealing artwork of your own that you can show off to followers and friends! And not only that. but with this simple, straightforward method, you’ll have a blast too!


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