[2023] IT Asset Management (ITAM)- Hardware Asset Management | Udemy

[2023] IT Asset Management (ITAM)- Hardware Asset Management | Udemy [Update 03/2023]
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Learn IT Asset Management (ITAM) – Hardware Asset Management From Basics To Advanced

What you’ll learn
Introduction to IT Asset Management
Benefits of IT Asset Management
Need of ITAM
Policy, Process, and Procedure
Types of ITAM
Definition, and Explanation of HAM
Scope of HAM
Device Management Responsibility
Discovery Of Assets & Tracking Hardware And Software Metrics
Keep track of all IT assets throughout their lifecycle & Tracking IT assets usage
Equipment Loan Tracking
Asset tracking
Asset access tracking
Taking Charge of Warranties & Software Licenses Management
IT Asset Tagging
GPS tracking
Service Catalogue In IT Assets
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Consumable Management
Asset Life Cycle Management
Stages Of Asset Life Cycle
A Quick Review of HAM Customization
HAM Security
Relationship between software asset management and hardware asset management

Hello and Welcome to the Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Course.

In this course, you will learn everything about Hardware asset management, its importance, and its role, in today’s emerging world. This course is ideal for beginners and IT professionals who are interested in exploring the hardware asset management world.

Here at Magine Solutions, highly experienced instructors, engineers, and doctors with more than ten years of experience in the industry will guide you through very high-quality online courses.

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand

  • What is IT asset management
  • Benefits of ITAM
  • Need for ITAM
  • Policies, processes, and procedures
  • Types of ITAM
  • Its Definition and scope
  • Device management responsibility
  • ITAM processes like
  • Discovery of assets
  • Tracking
  • License management
  • Asset tagging and many more
  • Configuration management database (CMDB)
  • HAM customization
  • HAM security
  • Relationship between HAM and SAM
  • and much more

We will also learn to understand these concepts by looking at case studies to strengthen the theoretical concepts.

The ideal student for this course is anyone who wants to learn about hardware asset management or an existing professional who wishes to expand on their current skills.

This course will also help out the personnel in the corporate sector who are intending to monitor risk reduction, audits and looking for a cost-effective and efficient return of investment, ultimately wanting to increase profit.

There are no requirements necessary to enroll. I only ask to come open-minded and ready to learn.

Feel free to look at the course description, and I look forward to seeing you inside. Thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • The Ideal Student For This Course Is Anyone Who Wants To Learn About ‘Hardware Asset Management’ Or An Existing Professional Who Wants To Expand On Their Current Skills.



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