Writing Parsers in C++ ( for MathExpressions / SQL etc ) | Udemy

Writing Parsers in C++ ( for MathExpressions / SQL etc ) | Udemy
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C++ projects, SQL Query parser, Advanced Math Expression Parsers, C/C++ project, CFG Grammar implementation

What you’ll learn
Writing Parsers
Calculation of Complex mathematical expressions
Parser for SQL Queries
Implementing Grammars in C/C++

Have you ever thought about how front-end CLIs or command lines are written for various CLI-based devices?

for example, How to write a Parser for SQL Queries?

How to write a parser to parse mathematical expressions and evaluate them only when they are valid?

Then this is the course that promises implementation of Generic Parsers in C/CplusPlus.

In this course, we will be going to write OOPs-based C++ code to build the Parser a.k.a Mathematical Expression Library. This library helps the programmer to develop applications with ease that require the calculation of tedious mathematical expressions. Not only that, We will also cover how to parse Expressions representing Inequalities or logical expressions.

Once this project is fully ready and tested, we will import this project as a black box to solve even bigger projects such as the Implementation of RDBMS from Scratch.

So best of luck and Happy learning. This course is very interesting and I am sure you will going to enjoy it a lot in this course. This will be a sporty course!

Pre-requisite for this course

Basic Regular Expressions

OOPs basic concepts

Binary Search Tree Algorithms ( Post-Order )

Infix to postfix conversion


Writer Parsers using Lex ( GNU Lexical analyzer )

Implement Grammars in C/CplusPlus

Construct and Build Expression Trees

Evaluate Expression Trees, Inequalities, and Logical Expressions

Case Study

Writing Parsers to Parse SQL Queries

Who this course is for:
Engineering Grauates
RDBMS developers
Working professional, Developers and Coders





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