Udemy – Triangular Arbitrage for Crypto with Python Fast Track 2022

Udemy – Triangular Arbitrage for Crypto with Python Fast Track 2022
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Write your own algorithm to calculate Triangular Arbitrage with depth on Centralised and Decentralised exchanges.

Learn Python and Triangular Arbitrage for spotting opportunities in the Cryptocurrency market place unnoticed by others. In this course you will develop the skills and knowledge to:

Gain a deep understanding of Arbitrage with particular focus on Triangular Arbitrage

Develop with Python the “indie programmer” and fun way for complete beginners

Develop with Javascript the “indie programmer” and fun way for complete beginners

Establish all traceable Triangular Arbitrage pairs unseen by others

Calculate surface rate opportunities across all pairs

Calculate real rates for arbitrage with depth

Cover the above points in both CeFi (with the Poloniex exchange) and Defi (with Uniswap V3)

Pull any data from the web by exploring the Rest API endpoints with Poloniex (transferable knowledge to other exchanges)

Read blockchain price information with Web3 and Ethers JS

Work with the Uniswap V3 SDK

We achieve this by walking through a “paint by numbers” approach, literally commenting on and exploring nearly every line of code. You will focus on the principles rather than the solution, meaning that you will be able to transfer your new found knowledge anywhere both on centralised exchanges and decentralised exchanges.

You will learn programming the fun and memorable way. Without getting bogged down in information you probably won’t even need.

This is a FAST TRACK course. Meaning you will achieve results early on without having to learn a lot of fluff. We cover important principles, basic programming skills (which will all take you far in programming) and then dive into implementing the logic.

If you know programming concepts, you will find learning easy. However, deep knowledge will be gained by learning how to pull price information and write algorithms to find arbitrage opportunities for potential capital gain.

You will also get a bunch of resources to help you along the way, including:

Access to the Google sheets cheat sheet for calculating Triangular arbitrage

All Python and Javascript code in the course (5 years of exploration lead to this code.This is an absolute steal).

The slide deck from the Intuition section of this course

Other playground files

This course is NOT going to cover execution of arbitrage. However, we do cover execution of arbitrage ideas, challenges and opportunities at the end of the course.

If you’re up for it, am looking forward to seeing you inside the course!

Talk soon,

Who this course is for:

Complete beginners to Programming who wish to learn and implement core concepts fast
Complete beginners looking to learn Python who wish to learn and implement core concepts fast
Programmers looking to read blockchain information with Web3 and Ethers JS
Complete beginners to Arbitrage concepts
Complete beginners to Triangular Arbitrage

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