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Take the confusion out of photographing in manual mode

Do you struggle with understanding Manual Exposure? Does it just frustrate you to no end? What if I told you that by the end of this class, you’ll not only understand it, but look forward to using your new skills to get creative with your camera. It’s only with a complete appreciation for manual exposure that you can experiment with long shutter speeds, creative camera movement, night photography, macro photography, and so much more. Mastering manual exposure will open up a whole new level of creative freedom for you and your camera.

Manual exposure is the one mode the most people resist learning or totally avoid altogether. “It’s too complicated…I don’t need it…it’s too hard” are all things I’ve heard people say. But let me tell you what others are saying about this class.

Awesome class! I’ve been really intimidated to try manual on my camera. I loved the examples and the questions on which setting to use. Thanks for making it so much more understandable. I’m not afraid to try it! Thanks again, Gina

We’ll cover:

Shutter speed. How it affects exposure and how you can use it to freeze or blur moving subjects

Aperture: What is actually going on inside that lens? What is the f/stop and what happens when I change it?

ISO: Why you need to understand the different ISO’s and the pro’s and con’s of using low ISO vs. High ISO’s.

Demonstration in the field with my own camera, making decisions about my subject, the light, and my final outcome.

How to read the histogram. You’ll learn what it is and how to read it to adjust your exposure.

This class is ideal for someone wanting to get a better understanding of how a digital camera works, how to change exposures, and how to start getting creative with shutter speeds and apertures.

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