Udemy – Introduction to the Dark Web

Udemy – Introduction to the Dark Web
English | Tutorial | Size: 1 GB

How to access, search and investigate the dark web safely!

Curious about the Dark Web? Want to learn what can be found on the Dark Web and how to find it? Are you curious about Dark Web marketplaces given the media exposure of the SilkRoad and other sites? Do you just want to understand how it all works and how this hidden online world can exist?

Well this course is for you!

Rose and I are experienced forensic crypto-currency analysts and blockchain developers. We have developed this course to de-mystify the Dark Web for non-technical audiences. As Rose is a former detective (19 years), we have also included a bonus optional section discussing how to investigate the Dark Web, how to collect evidence in a cloud environment and how to present this evidence in court.

Our course is designed for a non-technical audience, although students with a technical background will likely learn a lot as well. We have kept it non-technical to ensure that the course is accessible for everyone.

We have included an initial section on the technologies that enable the Dark Web. These sections, despite talking about complex information technology systems and approaches, is presented in a way that allows a student without a technical background, to understand how it works. We have found this fundamental understanding of how a technology works is both easily within the grasp of the average student, and essential in understanding how complex systems like the Dark Web really work.

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