Udemy – F5 APM – Access Policy Manager (Updated 2021-11)

Udemy – F5 APM – Access Policy Manager (Updated 2021-11)
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Learning F5 APM – Remote Access solution – Full SSL/TLS VPN – Clientless VPN – Protect Web Applications with Credential

Course Objectives

Understand the APM + LTM use cases as well as Configure APM and LTM to work together for advanced application delivery
Configure remote access methods BIG IP Edge Client, Portal Access and Application protection with credentials
Configure advanced policies using the Visual Policy Editor with all of its features such as macros and branches
Understand the role of Federated Single Sign-On using SAML and deploy SAML for authentication
Configure multiple authentication methods: Active Directory, LDAPs, RADIUS, SAML and understand how they can be used access policy

In this F5 APM course, we will cover the following topics:I. LTM Overview

Web Application Load Balancing Deployment:

Create nodes and pool monitors,
Nodes, pool, pool members,
Import certificates, SSL/TLS profile, setup VIP server and apply these profiles to the VIP

II. How Is LTM + APM Technology Used?Understand and configure these use cases:

Protect Web Application Access With Credentials
Remote Access Solution – Full VPN Access
Web Portal Access – Clientless VPN

III. Protect Web Application With Credentials

Understand APM Traffic Processing: traffic going through LTM and APM
VPN Access Authentication and Authorization and configuration requirements Using

Active Directory

IV. Remote Access Solution – Full VPN Access

APM Access Profile, Session Policy
Visual Policy Editor and Macros
Authentication and Authorization Using
Active Directory (AD),
Apply APM profiles to VIP server
Network Access via Web Browser and BIG-IP Edge Client
Check and Control Connection Using Endpoint Posture Assessment

V. Web Portal Access – Clientless VPNRemote VPN Access users using web browser and native Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access internal resources:

Web application
Remote Desktop

VI. APM Licensing

Access license
User Connectivity License (CCU).

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