Udemy – Cyber Security Operations and Technology Solutions (Updated 2020-12)

Udemy – Cyber Security Operations and Technology Solutions (Updated 2020-12)
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Learn all you need to know to break into the SOC

Last Updated: March 2021

This course is all about working in a security operations center (SOC). It is designed to produce SOC analysts with excellent understanding of cyber security essentials, technology solutions, security operations, and incident response. Upon completion, learners will be capable of hitting the ground running from day 1 on the job. Additionally, learners will gain an excellent understanding of common tools, people and operational processes and procedures that make a value delivering SOC function effectively. The door to the SOC is ever revolving therefore SOC analysts will always be in high demand. This training is guaranteed to equip learners with everything required to work as an entry level SOC analyst who will be capable of giving intermediate analysts a run for their money.

The SOC has become one of the most important cyber defense capabilities in enterprise environment today. A key tenet of cyber security is prevention is ideal, but detection is a must, which means that where you’re not able to prevent an adversary from breaching your defensive layers, detecting their presence in your environment in a timely manner is crucial. It is for this reason that organizations are constantly in the hunt for SOC analysts. As of March 2021, there were approximately 2,500 vacant SOC analyst job positions across the United States (source: LinkedIn), which is a clear indication that those with the requisite skill set will always be in a job.

This course covers technology solutions and their respective vendors across multiple cyber defense domains, therefore learners are going to gain an excellent understanding of security products that are typically leveraged in enterprise environments, such that they are able to have meaningful conversations with potential employers.

By the time students get to the security operations and incident response section of the course, they would appreciate why it was important to build the necessary foundational knowledge of security technologies. This is because the main tool used in the SOC (i.e. the SIEM) relies on all these other security technologies to deliver value. As a SOC analyst, you want your SIEM tool to give you that much needed situational awareness of security events that are unfolding on the network, therefore, you need the various sources of security events to push logs to your SIEM tool for analysis, correlation and alerting.

The course is packed with a lot of relevant and realistic information and scenarios, so be rest assured that you’re going to get the full value for your money!
Who this course is for:

College Graduates
IT Professionals
Cyber Enthusiasts
Cyber Security Internship Seekers

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