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Complete Tutorial to become an expert user of the 2nd generation search engine.
Hello Everyone. I welcome you all to your own course of learning about ChatGPT. As a professional web developer, I use this tool as my own personal assistant and honestly, it helps to save 2-3 hours of my work hours every day. If you are a student it will help you to learn things more quickly, do your assignments fast, etc. After completing the course you will be a master of ChatGPT, how to think and write 2 or more prompts altogether to bring the result within a minute that someone else is bringing in 5 minutes even using ChatGPT. What will be covered in the course:-

Complete text generation-

Effective Essay writing.

Generating Email.

Learning from ChatGPT.

Business Proposal.

Use it as an expert.

Generating Product Description.

Content Writing.

Travel Guide.


Using ChatGPT as an assistant for E-book writing.

Standup Comedy script.

We will see how to generate a programming language with some practical examples

We will build a notepad app.

Complete website development using ChatGPT (No coding knowledge required).

We will build a private web browser.

I will provide a bonus tool for image creation as well that you can use for free.

Remember guys these AI tools will not take your jobs, the people who can use these tools in a more efficient way will take your jobs, so come together guys give 2 hrs 30min and stay ahead of your competition.

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