Udemy – ChatGPT 2023 Code and Debug 10X Better, Faster, Stronger

Udemy – ChatGPT 2023 Code and Debug 10X Better, Faster, Stronger
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Dive into the Generative AI Revolution and produce creative software content immediately.

How would you like to learn to code faster? To produce better code? To learn coding topics with lightning speed?

Welcome to a ChatGPT primer for developers.

The aim of this course is to teach you quickly how to use ChatGPT to increase your productivity and improve your learning. We specifically concentrate here on the world of coding.

We tackle a few programming languages and frameworks such as Flutter and Dart, Python, Java, and JavaScript as examples of what can be done with this amazing tool.

You need to master this tool so that your productivity grows and the time you spend coding produces better code faster.

Don’t forget that like with any great tool if you do not use this tool, somebody else will and they will have the advantage.

We can use ChatGPT for a number of coding endeavours:

You can ask it to write code for you

You can ask it to explain code for you

You can also ask for any bugs in the code and an explanation

You can ask it to help you learn to code better.

ChatGPT can write great snippets of code and provide great information on classic computer science problems.

We will learn also about caveats and shortcomings of the tool so that we can scale our approach to getting good code from it.

After all, you want to maximize your ability to generate good code rather than spend a lot of time debugging it.

We will use ChatGPT in the course to write a twitter chat-bot, a Flutter weather app, bouncing ball demo in pygame (python game engine) as well as John Conway’s Game of Life in Java and JavaScript.

So join me on this adventure as I introduce you to your new best friend: ChatGPT which will never tire of your questions or commands and which most of the time produces pretty good results.

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