Total TypeScript – Professional TypeScript Training by Matt Pocock

Total TypeScript – Professional TypeScript Training by Matt Pocock
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Become the TypeScript Wizard at Your Company
A comprehensive production-grade TypeScript training by Matt Pocock

The feature’s working. The tests are passing.
But your IDE is a sea of red lines. TypeScript’s not happy again.

You move on to the next error:

“What on earth is this?”

you think to yourself.

It’s impossible to Google. Every search result is either “here’s 100 lines of complex code” or “here’s a solution that doesn’t work”
You contemplate the absurd amount of hours you spend solving these problems.
You’d rather give up than deal with another:
The intersection ‘User & PublicUser’ was reduced to ‘never’ because property ’email’ has conflicting types in some constituents.
Return type of exported function has or is using name ‘User’ from external module ‘sdk’ but cannot be named.

Your time is precious. You have bigger fish to fry.​
You could spend that time building new features or bugfixes. You could be providing value. Instead, you’re fighting TypeScript.
These days, TypeScript is an industry default. If you’re starting an enterprise app today, you’ll need a good reason NOT to use TypeScript.
So you keep on pushing – all the time feeling like you’re working against TypeScript, not with it.
The truth is that you never truly learned TypeScript, at least not in depth. That’s the source of your pain.
You never developed a systematic approach to solving type errors.
You never developed a mental model for understanding when to use any.
You never understood the power of generics.
You never learned the underlying principles and patterns of being an effective TypeScript engineer.​

Total TypeScript shows you the techniques used by the most complex OSS libraries.

Become your company’s resident TypeScript Wizard.

You will become a better contributor and reviewer.
You will be the one to unblock others and raise their velocity.
You will be the one who knows instinctively what TypeScript is doing.

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