Hunting for Fileless Malware

Hunting for Fileless Malware
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Category: HACKING | Networking | Security

In this course, Hunting for Fileless Malware, Tyler Hudak and Aaron Rosenmund tackle what exactly fileless malware is, why it is used by attackers, and the different defensive strategies that can be taken to defend your organizations from it. Learn about different examples of fileless malware techniques, the use of native tools (PowerShell and WMI), and the types of defenses you can use. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the various types of fileless malware and how best to defend against it.

elearnsecurity WAPT v2

elearnsecurity WAPT v2
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Category: E-learning | HACKING | Security | others

Penetration Testing Process
Information Gathering
Cross Site Scripting
SQL Injection
Authentication and Authorization
Session Security
File and Resources Attacks
Other Attacks
Web Services

Fortinet – FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall Training

Fortinet – FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall Training
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Category: Networking

Fortinet-Fortigate Next Generation Firewall Tutorial
Do you want to learn how to block certain applications within Facebook like writing posts or chatting? Do you want to learn how to decrypt a secure web page a user may access to inspect it further? Do you want to learn how to block certain files uploaded towards the Internet? In this video series you will learn how to do many of these things and much more. Fortinet’s FortiGate security appliance is a Next-Generation Firewall that is focused on application inspection where you can control what a user can access within a specific application. We have a range of basic to advanced topics that will show you how to deploy the FortiGate appliance step-by-step in a simple and practical implementation.