The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities and Securitization | Udemy

The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities and Securitization | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Why securitization exists, and why investors prefer the deals
Background on what securitization is and also introduces us to the problem that securitization is trying to solve
Why issuers and investors might enter into a securitization arrangement, and finally, how it actually works in practice.
The basic components of the securitization structures
To understand the logic of Asset securitization
Identify key risks
Explain benefits of securitization for economies and financial markets
Mortgage Backed Securities
Asset Backed Securities
Collateralized Debt Obligations


Asset Securitization, the process of creating securities, has revolutionized the field of finance and becoming popular all over the world. A significant number of total debt papers issued today are securitized papers. This course introduces fixed-income instruments created through the process of securitization

There are many benefits to securitization as it provides an opportunity to the financial institution

To unlock its locked capital and enhance liquidity

An alternate way to go for off-balance-sheet financing

Generate fee-based income

And better management of regulatory capital.

At the same time Investor are also get alternate investment products with more stable credit ratings and better default recovery. Investors are attracted to these papers as a broad range of products available in terms of

Competitive pricing

Risk and returns profiles

And flexible maturity period as per investors’ needs

The growth of the global ABS market underscores the importance of a practical understanding of securitization among issuers, investors, and financial analysts.

The ABS Finance jobs are among the most challenging jobs in the corporate sector. If you’re preparing yourself for such a career, but are clueless about how to start, “The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities” training course will provide you with all the necessary skills to start your successful career in no time. You can add these practical skills to your CV and proudly show them to your present and future employer. It will certainly enhance your employability to a great extent.

But how can you do that?

If you are an aspiring Finance professional, and an MNC or banking job is your dream, but you have no idea of ABS Finance and the related job profiles or you feel, you lack the right skills – do not worry anymore.

We are here to help you.

“The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities” training course is the most practical and easy to learn course available online. It covers all those topics, which you need to learn to become eligible for entry-level jobs in ABS Finance.

The course provides hands-on, easy to apply training on

· Why securitization exists, and why investors love the deals

· Conceptual and procedural aspects of securitization

· The basic components of the securitization structures

· How does securitization work?

· Logical flow of transactions

· Residential Mortgages

· Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities

· Non-Mortgage backed Securities

· Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

· CDOs

This introductory course provides you with an insight into the working of ABS transactions.

On completion of the course, you will have developed a good understanding of Securitization and ABS Finance and how businesses settle their cross-border commercial activities, what their basic needs are, identify the risks and corporate banking solutions to address these needs, and manage those risks.

The practical case studies in the course will provide you the opportunity to learn through “real-life” situations highlighting the logical flow of various steps and use of different trade finance products in different circumstances.

As you can see, this is a complete package that ensures, you receive “to the point training” for using different ABS finance products in different situations along with the necessary understanding of the concept.

After you have completed the course, you can confidently apply for various entry-level ABS Finance openings at Leading Banks & Corporates in the minimum possible time.

So, if you want to pursue a career in Securitization and ABS Finance this is the perfect course for you.

We don’t expect prior knowledge of financial concepts from our students as our lectures are suitable for beginners. This course will save considerable time and hassle for you as you will not be watching a person delivering lectures in front of you, instead, you will find a well-researched script delivered in a conversational & animated form to make your learning fun.

Our content is developed by a research team consisting of seasoned bankers and industry veterans and hence it is Crisp and to the point. We emphasize the bottom line as soon as we have cleared the concept without unnecessary discussion on the topic.

So, enroll now and start your learning today.

Who this course is for:
Those most likely to attend this course are those new to the sector, perhaps as graduates or bankers moving into the securitization market. It is also useful for bankers who are involved in middle office or support jobs

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