Terry Mancour – Spellmonger Books 14, 14.5 and 15

Terry Mancour – Spellmonger Books 14, 14.5 and 15
English | eBook | Size: 2.63 GB

Life as a warmage is complicated, which is why Minalan abandoned it for the simpler work of being a village spellmonger. But it seems the universe has more in store for him. Can this washed-up warmage survive a goblin army, along with the petty squabbles of living crammed in a castle for protection?

In the remote mountain valley of Boval, Minalan finds a shop, endears himself to the local lord and villagers, hires a sharp young apprentice, and meets a beautiful young widow. But the gurvani, marauding goblins descending in hordes on the village, have different plans. Minalan must once again take up his mage blade as the town retreats en masse into the oversized Boval Castle. Can Minalan stand as a barrier between the hordes and the rest of the Five Duchies? More importantly, can he survive being locked in a castle with a jealous rival mage, a motley band of mercenaries, a delusional liege lord, a dour castellan, a moody, pregnant girlfriend, and a catty ex-girlfriend?

Listen as the smooth, strong, and clear voice of John Lee guides you through the troubles of Minalan’s magical journey. His vivid telling of this fun and engaging tale brings you right into the fantastical world of Callidore. His pacing and pronunciation are impeccable, ensuring you’ll never miss a word.

Terry Mancour wrote a short series just months before releasing Spellmonger, but his career really kicked off with the beginning of Minalan’s journey. Aside from the main series, Mancour has released several Spellmonger spin-offs and side stories as bonuses for avid fans of the series. Growing up, Mancour was a fan of both Heinlein and Tolkien. Having already published a science fiction fan novel, Mancour decided to try his hand at fantasy, creating the original world of Spellmonger.

In 2018, Spellmonger, book one, was a nominee for the Audie Awards in the category of fantasy. A New York Times best-selling author, Mancour also runs a blog and a fan Discord server, encouraging fan interactions with him and his work.

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