Strategic Software Testing: Selecting Testing Approaches to Fit a Need

Strategic Software Testing: Selecting Testing Approaches to Fit a Need
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4+ Hours of Video Instruction

Unlock the benefits of software testing by learning to select and implement the most effective testing strategy for your specific software development context.


For a software system, arguably the paramount concern is ensuring its flawless and non-harmful performance rather than merely its existence. Software testers play a critical role in achieving this goal, but the testing landscape is rich with diverse schools of thought, methodologies, tools, and techniques. Pivotal questions for testers are as follows: Should your emphasis be on manual testing or automation? Should you primarily be creating test scripts? And what kinds of automated tests are likely to provide value to your specific application?

This video provides an overview of the array of testing techniques and approaches available to testers, but more importantly, how to consider their relative strengths and weaknesses to create a strategy for testing that selects from those approaches to fit a specific need.

Learn How To

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of testing approaches and techniques
Use context to inform your testing strategies and approaches
Distinguish between the relative value of human-interactive and automated testing approaches
Construct and adjust testing strategies for short and long range goals
Leverage the strengths and talents of team members to implement testing strategies

Who Should Take This Course

Software testers interested in broadening their skills
Software developers interested in learning more about testing
Managers interested in understanding software testing approaches and techniques



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