SkillShare – Learn to Paint Watercolor Birds A Step-by-Step Painting of a Robin Exploring Fun Basic Techniques

SkillShare – Learn to Paint Watercolor Birds A Step-by-Step Painting of a Robin Exploring Fun Basic Techniques
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Develop basic techniques and improve your painting skills, through painting a Robin in this fun and relaxed style! We’ll explore many different techniques and effects you can achieve with the watercolor medium. Painting wildlife is a great way to learn about watercolor because it’s more forgiving than other subjects – it allows you to be more expressive with the paint. You can have fun experimenting with different textures and effects, whether you want a loose style or a more detailed one.

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I’ve been painting for many years now, taken part in many exhibitions around the world and won awards from well respected organisations. As well as having my work feature in art magazines. After having success selling my originals and 1000s of prints around the world, I decided to start traveling with my brushes and paintings. My style is modern and attempts to grasp the essence of what I’m painting whilst allowing freedom and expression to come through. I simplify complicated subjects into easier shapes that encourages playfulness.
Today, I’m going to teach you my process for painting birds. Although the same techniques can apply to all wildlife. The class caters for complete beginners that want an insight into what watercolor can do, as well as advanced painters that want to reach the next level.

You can painting this for yourself or even for a more personalised Christmas card!

You’ll Learn:

What materials and equipment to need to painting along
How to sketch out outline for the painting
How to achieve different textures and brush strokes
Choosing the best colors for your painting
How to painting negative space to make your painting pop
How to blend colors, including complementary colors
Making corrections and improvements
Tricks for finishing touches that make a big difference
When enrolled, I’ll include my complete ‘Watercolor Mixing Charts’. These are a huge aid for beginners and experts alike. They show what every color on the palette looks like when mixed with each other. Indispensable when it comes to choosing

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