SkillShare – Digitize Artwork with Adobe Photoshop From Paper to Screen

SkillShare – Digitize Artwork with Adobe Photoshop From Paper to Screen
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In this skillshare class I will share with you my best tips, tricks and techniques on how to scan & digitize your analogue art and bring your artwork from paper to screen like a pro.

Digitizing offers a lot of new opportunities to artists. Once you make a digital version of your art, you can earn more and do more with each one of your artworks.

You don’t have to become a digital Illustrator to benefit from all of the advantages that come with digital art. you can create your art physically using any medium that you wish, watercolor, markers, color pencil, crayons anything and then digitize it afterward.

There is so much more to digitizing than just scanning in your artwork and uploading it to sell online. What you do in-between those actions can make the difference between an average piece and a best-seller.


THIS class is created for illustrators, pattern designers, hand lettering artists and hobbyists of all skill levels!


How it works:

In this class, you will learn the step-by-step process of digitizing as well as enhancing your artwork using Photoshop so, you can sell the digital version of your art on print-on-demand sites like Society6, Spoonflower and Redbubble.

I will walk you through the entire process of transferring your art from paper to computer screen.

We are going to use Adobe Photoshop but you do not need to have any prior knowledge of the software.

I will break down each part in the most digestible way so, even if you never ever worked with Adobe Photoshop before. you can comfortably do the practices.

If you prefer to use other tools instead of photoshop you can still benefit from this class as i would not just tell you what actions to take but rather to explain why i am doing each step so you can understand the concept and and have your own approach elsewhere.

What You Will Learn:

how to properly scan different types of art like watercolor-doodle.
how to scan a big image in smaller portions and then put the pieces together afterwards.
How to remove a Background
How to divide the artwork into individual elements
How to edit-resize-recomposition
How to adjust colors
How to create new color variety
How to add paper textures, metallic texture.
What is the difference between digitizing & vectorizing?
When to say dpi and when to say ppi
What kinds of image file is suitable for different purpose (JPG, PNG, TIFF.)
Drawing tips on how to create your artwork with the intention of digitizing it.
How to set the size, resolution and export settings properly and so on.

There will be a couple of bonus videos as well.

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I’m Sahar, a creative dreamer and a graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria.

I’m obsessed with learning; I do love to sharpen my skills and learn new ones as a daily base routine and I’m so passionate to be a part of YOUR creative path by sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

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