SkillShare – Creating Webcomics How to Create Quick and Easy Backgrounds for Your Webcomics

SkillShare – Creating Webcomics How to Create Quick and Easy Backgrounds for Your Webcomics
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Hello Webcomic Creator!
Welcome to the course where I show you how to create quick and easy backgrounds for your webcomics! Don’t make the same mistakes that so many novice webcomic artists make and create a webcomic to be proud of!

My name is Matthew Dewey and I am a writer. It is hard to say when my passion for writing began, but if I can recall it all started back in primary school. A small child with not much to say, but plenty to write, or in early cases, scribble across a page. I went on to write my first book at 19 years old, publishing several more and then started teaching other writers through courses, YouTube videos, and coaching.

Enough monologue, it is time to tell you what this course is worth to you. First, this course was created with the express intention of teaching the fundamentals of creating fast, simple backgrounds to be used in panels for your webcomics or even the cover. After creating my first webcomic, I went on to work with other styles and started another webcomic series, and then a third after that. I dabbled with different styles and genres, learning as I went. After all this time, I learned what I did wrong and what I did right.

In this course, I will show you how to properly structure and create stylish backgrounds quickly, saving you time to create more pages!

I will show you:

How to spot an ideal reference image for your panel
A simple color trinity I employ in most backgrounds
How to establish foliage dense scenes quickly and easily
How to draw more structural backgrounds
How to draw skies, clouds, and stars
How to set the tone and create unity in your colors
FINALLY ending off with some professional advice

Welcome to “How to Create Quick and Easy Backgrounds for Your Webcomics!” It is this course that will help you create webcomic backgrounds effectively and efficiently!

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