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Scrum: Implement Scrum Projects Using Real-World Scrum | Udemy [Update 10/2022]
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Agile Scrum Mastery: Do more work in less time, create business value, customer satisfaction, and joy with Scrum

What you’ll learn
Scrum Concepts, Scrum Roles, Scrum Planning, Scrum Sprints
Learn the foundations of Scrum, Why to choose Scrum, The Benefits of Scrum, The Framework of Scrum and Agile principles
Learn the Roles and Responsibilities of the: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and the Development Team
Learn the complete concepts of Sprints, Requirements, User Stories, Product Backlogs, Estimation and Velocity
Learn concepts of Sprint Planning, Sprint Execution, Sprint Reviews, Sprint Retrospectives
How to implement Scrum
How to become a better ScrumMaster
How to be a better Product Owner
How to work on a Development Team

Let’s get rid of the fluff and focus on reality. That’s what this course is all about: getting more stuff done in less time.

This course, Scrum: Implement Scrum Projects Using Real-World Scrum, focuses on establishing Scrum practices in a real-world environment. In this course, you will learn

All about Scrum

Scrum framework: iterations, increments, backlogs, user stories, and velocity

Scrum Framework: Sprints, Ceremonies, Artifacts, and Business Value

Working as the Product Owner

Serving as the ScrumMaster

Leading as a Development Team Member

Sprints, Planning, Reviews, and Retrospectives

Everything you ever needed to know about Scrum

Scrum is an easy and direct way to manage projects. Still, there are some specific rules to perfecting Scrum and getting things done without overworking the team and overwhelming your stakeholders.

In this course, I’ll walk you through how I’ve implemented and consulted on Scrum projects and how you can avoid the pitfalls, risks, and objections before your projects begin. Then, I’ll discuss the mechanics of Scrum and how you can start today creating a Scrum framework with the best agile practices to find success and a faster project return on investment.

In this course, I’ll help you and your team create a strong foundation of Scrum and the rules you’ll need to follow and implement. Next, I’ll walk you through the entire Scrum workflow, starting with the product requirements and prioritizing the business value in the product backlog. And then, we’ll move through a sprint: sprint planning to the sprint retrospective.

This course is ideal for the three roles in any Scrum endeavor: the product owner, the development team, and the ScrumMaster. Each of these roles has different responsibilities throughout the sprint and the project – but they all work together to get things done, help one another, and deliver value quickly to customers.

This is not a long Scrum course but a precise one. I know your time is valuable – so I’ve cut out the fluff and focused on the business values. This course is direct, easy to comprehend, and will help you introduce, implement, and improve your Scrum practices.

Who this course is for:
Project managers seeking more knowledge in Scrum
Those seeking training for PMI-ACP®, CSM®, PSM™ certifications
ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Development Teams
Project Managers, Product Managers, Organizations Implementing Scrum



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