Rebelway – Advanced magical FX in Houdini

Rebelway – Advanced magical FX in Houdini
English | Tutorial | Size: 6.8GB

Magical FX can be some of the most exciting VFX simulations to create inside Houdini. There’s just something about their abstract design and unique colors that make them pop on screen.
In this pro-level course, you’ll learn from Hunter Williams as he guides you through the process of conceptionalizing and creating high-end magical FX for film and TV.
Using his experience, Hunter will show you the techniques he has learned to create impressive VFX inside Houdini. Along the way you’ll learn how to create energy, smoke, whisps, pulses and more.
In the final weeks, you’ll bring it all together to create a beautiful scene that rivals that found in your favorite film or TV productions. This is the ultimate course for anyone looking to expand their VFX skills.

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