React.js & Firebase Project – ReactJS 18, Firebase 9 Project | Udemy

React.js & Firebase Project – ReactJS 18, Firebase 9 Project | Udemy
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React.js and Firebase portfolio project. Build Realtor (Real estate) clone using React js 18, Firebase 9, Tailwind CSS 3

What you’ll learn
Create a React js project from scratch
Use Firebase auth for complete authentication
Use Firebase Firestore to store and fetch data
Learn how to sign up/in the users using username/password and Google oAuth using Firebase auth
Add forgot password functionality using Firebase auth
Work with latest versions like React js 18, Firebase 9 and Tailwind CSS 3
Learn the CRUD operations including create, read, update and delete using Firebase Firestore
Learn react router version 6 (latest version) to create routes, get the params and redirect
Learn how to create pages and routes in a react project
Learn how to use react toastify to create nice notifications
Learn to create private route and custom hook for protecting the user profile page
Learn how to create a beautiful spinner and loader
Learn important react event listeners like onChange and onSubmit
Create a reusable component such as listing cards
Create an image slider using Swiper js latest version
Add map to the page using leaflet and react leaflet packages
Learn how to deploy to vercel
Learn Google geolocation api and how to convert address to latitude and longitude
Learn how to use Tailwind CSS 3 to style a react project
Learn useEffect and useState react hooks

NEW React.js 18 and Firebase 9 project.

Build Realtor (Real estate) clone using React js 18, Firebase 9, Tailwind CSS 3, and React router 6.

The best course to learn React.jsFirebase and Tailwind CSS creating a real estate website. In this brand new course, you are going to learn how to build the realtor clone using ReactJS version 18, Firebase version 9 and tailwind CSS version 3.

Welcome to the project where you’ll build and deploy a realtor clone application using the newest version of react, Firebase and tailwind CSS. You’ll learn how to develop a professional website and deploy it to the internet so that you can share it with your friends and potential clients or put it on your portfolio. In this brand new project, we going to create an stunning new listing section, custom categories, responsive design, listings cards, rent and sale pages, and most importantly listing pages where you can see the map and image slider. Realtor clone is the best modern fully functional real estate application that you can currently find. By building this single web app, you’ll get the knowledge needed to build any website that uses CRUD operations including create, read, update and delete in react using Firebase Firestore database. You are going to learn Firebase auth for complete authentication and learn how to sign up or sign in the users using username and password and Google oAuth. Also, we going to add forgot password functionality using Firebase auth to let the users get the email with the link to change their password.

you’ll be able to develop this website using the most in demand technologies today such as react.js, Firebase, tailwind CSS and with just a couple of other dependencies like leaflet and swiper js. We are going to add a map using leaflet packages, and use Google geolocation API to convert addresses to latitude and longitude values. We are going to  learn how to use Swiper.js latest version to add a super amazing image slider. and you will learn how to use react toastify package to create nice and customized notifications. and like all modern websites, you are going to create a beautiful spinner component and use it in all pages requiring loading effects. We are going to learn how create a reusable component such as a listing card that we can use in different parts of the website.

You’ll build everything from scratch by watching this course. We’re going to start simple and then we’re going to move to more complex topics as we go alongside building this application. you’ll learn react functional components and their re-usability, react file and folder structure. You are going to learn important react events like onChange and onSubmit event listeners. We are going to learn how to use useEffect and useState react hooks to control the states and fetch data from the Firestore database. Also, you are going to learn how to create routes, use useParams and useNavigate hooks using react router latest version version 6. We are going to work on creating private routes and custom hooks for protecting the important pages like user profile page. You’ll achieve mastery using tailwind CSS version 3. and learn how to style the project using Tailwind CSS including how to add custom classes. And finally, we are going to deploy the website to Vercel to be able to share it with others or put it on your portfolio.

You might be wondering what are the prerequisites for building such an amazing website. You just need to know a bit of HTML CSS and JavaScript it would be great.

My name is Sahand, and I have over 15 years of programming experience.

I will be your instructor and answer any questions you may have in the comment section.

Who this course is for:

  • React developers who want to have a portfolio project

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